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Deakin fact check

09 Aug 2015

It's time that we look more closely at the simplistic three-word campaign, "Just build it".

The Herald Sun ran this story about two opposing rallies - for and against the failed East-West tunnel. The Federal Member for Deakin, Michael Sukkar was part of the protest.

Some facts :

(1) The East West Link business case clearly outlined that congestion for those with a City destination would NOT be resolved but would increase. Amongst other things, Alexander Parade would be squeezed from 6 to just 2 lanes.

(2) Peak body, the RACV listed the East West Link as the number 3 project BEHIND the "North East Link" and "Melbourne Metro Rail".

(3) Prior to the State Election, Victorian Labor CLEARLY stated a different policy position on East West Link.

(4) Tony Abbott declared in 2014 that the State Election was a 
REFERENDUM on the Victorian Coalition's East West Link.

(5) Regardless of all of the above, the Victorian Coalition signed contracts just prior to going into Caretaker mode, adding the now infamous "kill clause" for compensation. The only purpose of this was to cause as much political pain as possible if they lost, with no consideration to our State.

Shouldn’t Mr Sukkar be supporting the residents of Deakin on important issues like health, pensions, superannuation, protecting our environment, finding new jobs lost with the car manufacturing sector and standing up for equality?

Parliamentary Hansard records show that to date in 2015 he has not once mentioned the words "Pension" or "Medicare" ... but speaks frequently on the State-based issue of the East West Link.

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