Are you concerned for yourself and your family when walking around Croydon Station when its dark?
Would you like to get our Street Lighting improved?

We have heard real life stories where local residents have experienced safety issues, improving the lighting in the streets around Croydon Station including Railway Pie, Croydon Rd and the surrounds will go a long way to providing our loved ones more confidence to walk our streets as we all have the right to do, feeling safe and confident.

We are setting out to improve the street lighting and we need your help to do it. We are getting a petition to send to Council to demonstrate how important this issue is. 

Help us by signing our petition, we have a hardcopy or online version. We are also seeking your help with a letter writing campaign, sign or petition and we will send you all the information you need to be able to email your local Councillor and the Council to voice your concerns.

Standing up for our community is about doing what is right, I am seeking to be your next Member of Parliament to continue to do this and speak on your behalf to ensure you and your family get the best deal possible.

Sign our petition

We'll Put People First.

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